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Nickbut unfortunately Dr Tony is real. To date, no one called Wainwright has won a Nobel prize. William Howard Porter. Porter lost his license to practice medicine in for gross negligence. Tom Cleary" promised "not to engage in the practice of CLT" in Klatz D. Goldman D. Antonio Jimenez, M. Dr Tony's missus is in on the act: she's the president of a company called "Pacific Medical Solutions Inc," [16] which makes a nutritional supplement called "Liquid Oxygen" sounds very coolwhich is used at Hope4Cancer.

Quack-Buster Stephen Barrett describes hair analysis as "a cardinal sign of quackery".

hope4cancer survival rate

Photographs used in a Hope4Cancer slideshow, allegedly illustrating the effectiveness of their " SPDT ", [26] were lifted from elsewhere.

A Burzynski -esque procedure is performed in the Hope4Cancer clinic: cancer sufferers are injected with something derived from their own urine. Dr Tony recommends cancer sufferers carry a CyberScan card [30] indistinguishable from a bank cardsuggesting it can monitor their health if its magnetic strip is placed against their body the manufacturers of CyberScan say otherwise.

On the Hope4Cancer website Dr Tony has reproduced an article which claims intestinal parasites can be a cause of breast cancer the article includes a reference to Hulda Clark. You can read that "old fecal matter" here. However the metadata keywords a.

So anyone unwisely searching YouTube for a cure for cancer is unduly likely to be shown Hope4Cancer's videos tagged with the "cancer cures" keywords. If you're now thinking no one would buy Dr Tony's baloneythink again: some of his prospective customers can be seen cyberbegging for donations to pay for treatment at his Hope4Cancer clinic, e.

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hope4cancer survival rate

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Clinically unproven.

Alternative therapies for cancer

Alternative medicine:. Cancer woo:.Thousands already have! In addition, the treatments promoted in these ads are typically untested, unproven, and largely unregulated. That always seemed like a hazardous claim. A new study suggests that there is danger in relying on unproven treatments over those that have been well-tested.

hope4cancer survival rate

Researchers analyzed data from nearly two million patients with cancer treated at accredited medical centers throughout the US. They only included patients with cancers of the breast, lung, colon, or prostate that had not spread to other areas of the body.

While the difference in five-year survival was small, it was statistically significant. This study was not designed to directly compare non-conventional therapies with conventional ones, and the results do not mean that all unproven remedies are useless. In fact, an unproven treatment may become conventional if rigorous research proves its worth.

There are many types of alternative treatments including herbs, vitamins, homeopathy, yoga, and acupuncture that might have different effects and have not yet been well studied. Importantly, this study did not examine the interaction of conventional and alternative treatments which in some cases may cause problems.

In addition, this study did not actually find that complementary treatments along with conventional treatments were harmful. But it did suggest that relying on unproven remedies instead of conventional therapies might be. Finally, this study did not examine all types of cancer, all types of treatments, or the impact of treatment on quality of life.

Different results might have been observed if other outcomes of interest such as quality of life had been included. If you have cancer and are interested in herbs, acupuncture, or other alternative treatments, talk to your doctor. Think twice before declining conventional treatments. But if you do decline recommended treatment, make sure you understand the pros and cons of doing so, including the possibility of shorter survival.

The article raises points and much of the latest science in adding other disciplines to enhance outcomes is often found in complementary or alternative medicine and only now being adopted by conventional to some degree as the science is being done. For example vit c has been shown to decrease the side-affects of chemo and exercise is important to chemo therapy and actually makes chemo more effective, diet or nutrition science must play a role in recovery, stress or anxiety increases cortisol which in turn suppresses immune function.

These things are already adopted by complementary medicine but only now being looked at by conventional. The ability to afford to do the science is a challenge for complementary but i do not see it as necessary as for conventional to do it for the following reason.

Conventional are yet to exist and so must undergo science testing so as to become publicly available. Science testing is a prerequisite for new drugs otherwise they can not become publicly available. In the absence of the need to do science to become publicly available complementary can only be realistically compared statistically with conventional in treating a diagnosed condition. Food for thought. Does anyone have any clarification for me on this topic for metastasized colon cancer? Thank you.

I do not know the answer but since you are looking on-line I would look for an MD who has experience with both sides complementary and conventional and has an evidence based approach and is up to date. There are many health websites but one particular one stands out to me is a website called hope4cancer and I understand that they are very much into evidence based science and will use both complementary and conventional.

They may know more to help you. The founder of macrobiotic was Michio Kushi. In Boston where we lived was the East West Centre and they had doctors who had trained with Kushi to deliver nutrition advice. When my father was diagnosed with advanced stage multiple myeloma the first thing he did was connect with an excellent oncologist at Mass General. Then my mother convinced him to speak with someone at the Kushi Institute.This reddit is for the discussion of cancer, cancer related news, stories of survival, stories of loss and everything else associated with the disease.

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Need to talk to a mod? Message us. Want to talk about stuff via IRC chat? Then come and Join us at cancer on snoonet. I was surprised to receive two disturbing but informative posts indicating that Hope 4 Cancer is a fraud.

I'm obviously concerned that my friend didn't do her homework on choosing a prudent alternative cancer treatment.

My friend is basing her decision on two people she knows personally who went to the facility with terminal cancer and are now living cancer free after many years. However, the more I research, the more holes I find in the validity of Hope 4 Cancer's form of cancer treatment and especially the cost.

I'm asking the Reddit community to provide me with as much information as can be found on Hope 4 Cancer. I would like to hear from anyone who has had a positive outcome as well as those who have proof that Hope 4 Cancer is a fraud. There are no results because their "treatment" is not peer-reviewed or regarded in the medical community. Simple as that.

The fact it isn't means they are misrepresenting themselves and making a fortune doing so. Edit 2: It's even worse. Thanks again Jared. I agree with your logic. Unfortunately, my friend is the target market that places such as Hope 4 Cancer prey on. I've passed your information along and she's not convinced.

Welcome To Hope4Cancer

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Post a comment! Create an account. Anything else you may have will be greatly appreciate at least by me.Founded inby Chief Medical Officer Dr. Operating two world-class cancer centers on the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Mexico and coming soon to Bangkok, Thailand; Hope4Cancer employs over staff members, devoted to the highest level of patient care. All of our doctors are M. Featured in peer-reviewed articles and conferences worldwide, our Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy utilize innovative, non-toxic treatments such as Sono-Photo Dynamic TherapySunivera Immunotherapyand Photodynamic Therapy Plus to treat all stages and types of cancer.

Our global partnerships with leading research organizations allow us to offer the latest breakthrough therapies, and more treatments under one roof than any other integrative treatment center in the world. We encourage you to take the time to watch the film below and learn more about our therapies, clinics, and becoming a patient through our website.

We are here to answer any questions you may have along the way. At Hope4Cancer you are not a number or a statistic — you are family. No matter the type or stage of the cancer, we offer more therapies under one roof than any other clinic in the world.

We focus on treating both the cancer in a person and the person with cancer. Learn More. We believe that true healing requires more than just suppressing physical symptoms. Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr.

Get a deep knowledge of all 7 key principles of cancer therapy and how to apply them to your life. Each page will enlighten you and transform you from fear and confusion to hope and empowerment. Click below to order yours today! From the fear and pressure of conventional treatments and doctors telling them how long they had left to live, to their transformation of education, hope and healing.

We hope this film and their individual stories will relate to you, give you peace in the storm and let you know that you are not your diagnosis. You are hope and there is hope for cancer. Our Hope4Cancer centers are more than just treatment facilities; offering a refreshingly unique healing experience, they are a comfortable home away from home on your journey to defeating cancer.

Our Cancun, Mexico location overlooks a tropical lagoon and the Caribbean sea, while our Baja, Mexico location is just minutes from San Diego on the Pacific coast.

Both offer the highest level of comprehensive cancer care. Concerned about travel safety? Learn more here. In the process of killing cancer cells, traditional treatments often end up destroying healthy cells as well.

Our non-toxic cancer therapies target only cancer cells, keeping vital tissues and organs healthy while avoiding the debilitating side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation. Read More. Your immune system is a natural healing mechanism designed to protect your body against all kinds of harmful agents. Our enhancement program uses biological vaccines to strengthen and stimulate the immune system, restoring its natural ability to recognize and fight cancer cells after being compromised by disease or toxic treatment methods.

A central part of your Hope4Cancer treatment plan involves a personalized meal plan developed by our in-house nutritionist, assuring balanced caloric intake and introducing an alkaline diet of leafy greens and low-glycemic fruits for optimal cellular health. On a daily basis, our bodies are exposed to a number of pollutants.If you have symptoms of cancer contact your doctor. Read our information about coronavirus and cancer.

I Just want to find hope and hear hopeful stories on here of people who have known family members or friends - who managed to recover from "terminal" cancer. I'm sad to hear your mom had stage 4 cancer. Nobody can know how long someone will live with cancer, it depends on many things, like the type of cancer, if it has become metastatic or not, how healthy your mom is etc.

So unless she has been told it is terminal usually 6 months life expectancy or less keep your hopes up and even with a terminal prognosis keep your hopes up. Meanwhile spend time enjoying her company. Like Kim, I have been living with a Stage 4 cancer for over two years now, beating the odds but aware that I have so far been extremely lucky. The survival rates quoted are based on averages and don't take into account factors such as age cancer is extremely common in the over 70sphysical fitness which affects how much chemo you can take without being made extremely illthe state of your immune system and whether or not your cancer is the only thing wrong with you.

Some people believe that having a positive attitude helps. Also feeling depressed can magnify how bad things feel, even without having cancer. I agree with everything you have said Katie. I was also diagnosed with stage 4b Ovarian Cancer in November I have undergone chemo and debulking surgery. I had my scan beginning of June and was told there was no evidence of disease.

It is early days also for me, but I am determined to battle and be as positive as possible. Treatment for all cancers are improving all the time. In my mind there's always hope, no matter what stage you are. That's brilliant! It is always good to read about good news. In that case, I was told at my 3 monthly consultation that there's no trace of myeloma - 6 months clear now. I feel exactly the same as before I was told - this is how it is and it's sufficient for the needs of the moment.

Ironically, if I'd have had one, I'd not have survived the colitis and sepsis. My father has recovered from stage 4 prostate cancer that has spread to his spine, damaged his spine and nerve and got him paralysed from chest down.

He was given very little chance to ever walk again. He had a surgery on his spine, and received radiotherapy and hormone therapy. Thanks so much for this post that I've just seen. My grandad is Has been fit and healthy all his life and walks miles every day. He suddenly lost use of his legs and they found a tumour on his spine. It has spread from the prostate and so this is very similar to your dad as my grandad has stage 4 cancer.Founded by Dr.

Home support is included in every Hope4Cancer healing program, giving patients the resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle even after their return home. Identified by Dr. Each principle addresses an aspect of the mind, body, or spirit that cancer effects.

True healing requires every principle to be part of the treatment equation; when these elements work in tandem, quality of life improves and an internal environment which no longer supports cancer is created. The price of the standard 3-week program includes:.

Biological Intravenous.

survival rate - stage 4 cancer?!

Antimicrobial Therapies. Nutritional Therapies. Emotional and Spiritual Therapies. After completing his undergraduate studies in the United States, Dr. A licensed medical practitioner in Mexico and Spain, Dr.

Jimenez has dedicated his life to the study, clinical research and implementation of non-toxic and integrative strategies to treat cancer, chronic infections, and immune disorders. A testament to over 25 years of knowledge and expertise, Dr.

Based on the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy, the comprehensive and integrative treatment protocol pioneered by Dr. Throughout his career, Dr. Jimenez has traveled to more than 70 countries learning, training and researching new approaches to treat cancer. Nandi show. InDr. To learn more about Dr. HealNavigator does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.

Heal Navigator offers FREE service designed to assist you find a treatment center that suits your budget and needs. About Treatments Cost Contact Reviews 21 prev next. Contact Clinic. About Hope4Cancer Treatment Center. Non-Toxic Cancer Therapies Non-toxic cancer therapies specifically target cancer cells while keeping vital tissues and organs healthy. The properties of these treatments work to strengthen the body and complement other principles rather than compromise the immune system and create debilitating side effects.

Full Spectrum Nutrition A personalized meal plan developed by an in-house nutritionist is a central part of every Hope4Cancer treatment program. This assures balanced caloric intake and introduces a high alkaline diet for optimal cellular health. Detoxification Detoxification therapies act to complement the healing program, removing harmful metals and minerals that have built up from external pollutants and enhancing overall recovery.

Oxygenation Incorporated into every treatment program, oxygenation therapies support healthy cells, prevent toxic buildup, and discourage cancer cell growth. Hope4Cancer treatment plans are tailored to restore healthy levels of microbes throughout the body.

Improving the Survival Rate of Liver Cancer Patients

Head Doctor. Conditions Treated. Contact Hope4Cancer Treatment Center.Our unique cancer treatment centers help patients heal the root causes of cancer while building the foundation for lasting health. As you consider a treatment path with Hope4Cancer, we invite you to explore the following links and learn more about our community.

We believe that true healing requires more than just suppressing physical symptoms. The Hope4Cancer creed embodies everything we stand and strive for as an organization. Read our mission statement and discover the core values behind helping patients at our cancer treatment centers. Our survival rates exceed those of conventional, mainstream oncology with an important bonus: improved quality of life.

Learn More. Our diverse team of physicians is comprised of experts in a variety of medical backgrounds to ensure that our patients receive the most comprehensive care.

Read about their individual journeys and qualifications here. Click to learn more about our Baja and Cancun clinics. We understand that you may have many concerns right now. Our admissions counselors are happy to help you find the answers you need. Get a FREE private consultation call today. Fill out a secure and confidential form so we can get to know you a little better before the call.

One of our admissions counselors will call you quickly to lend support and answer any questions that you may have about Hope4Cancer. Replacing traditional therapies with non-toxic alternatives is the first step on the Hope4Cancer journey to recovery, and the beginning to improving overall health and quality of life in any patient. Five years ago today, I beat the odds. Today I have become the anomaly. I have officially messed with the odds.

I walked away from ovarian cancer … on my terms. No conventional treatments. Cancer is a complex disease, and understanding how cancer operates in the body is key.